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  1. Luke

    Great post! I’ve found potatoes to be a really useful and versatile food. I avoided them for years due to the solanine, but I’ve found peeling and boiling them works really well to create an easily digestible food.

    I’ve found mixing them with cheese to be particularly tasty!

    • Lillea

      Cheese is a perfect match for potatoes, I agree! Classic. That’s great that you can tolerate potatoes if peeled and boiled well. That seems to take care of a number of the potential problems.

  2. patti

    i am new at this glueten free stuff..i have the allergy so for the rest of my life i will be glueten free…any suggestions would be helpful…i just tried the glueten free Vans waffles and i was pleased …Chex cereal is good and of course lots of salads a fruit juices…would love to find a local store with bread so i could have a sandwich… i know Dietz and Watson lunch meat is glueten free …okay i have rambled enough…any suggestions would be helpful…thank you ..
    new jersey

  3. kat

    Why should you eat potatoes with a healthy fat? Please explain. Thanks.

    • Lillea

      Hi Kat,

      What I learned, and have experienced, is that healthy fats (highly saturated fat, like coconut oil and butter) help protect the body against some of the harmful effects of the starch in the potatoes. It makes them easier on digestion.

      Starches of all kinds, not just in potatoes, can stimulate appetite, promote fat synthesis, and sometimes they increases the growth of bacteria in the body that produce toxins. By adding some healthy fats, you lower or eliminate those effects. That said, potatoes apparently are one of the safest starches overall because they don’t contain some of the more problematic chemicals and components, like gluten grains do. So adding healthy fat to gluten grains won’t protect people much, or at all, from the gluten.

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