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  1. Paula

    I’ve recently found Scharffen Berger on Amazon. Is Gluten free. Lots of variety. I haven’t checked their website for further information, however.

    • Lillea

      Thanks Paula! I tried to find out if the might be any cross contamination issues with gluten. Nothing is on their website that I could find so I wrote to them to ask if their chocolate is produced in gluten free facilities and they answered rather vaguely (see below). Scharffen Berger is owned by Hershey’s. Hopefully no mention of gluten on the label = truly gluten free but it looks like more research is needed.

      Hi Lillea,

      Thank you for contacting Hershey Canada Inc.

      Our product label includes an accurate listing of the ingredients in our products. However, on occasion, the list of ingredients can change. We encourage you to check the ingredient label on the package before you make a purchase. This label provides accurate, current information about all the ingredients in the package.

      If you should have questions concerning additional products, please call us at 800-468-1714. A representative will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.

      We appreciate your loyalty as a consumer.

      Natalie Smyth
      Consumer Representative

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